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 Modification Rules (Read Before You Post)

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Kevin Frankenberger
Kevin Frankenberger

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Modification Rules (Read Before You Post) Empty
PostSubject: Modification Rules (Read Before You Post)   Modification Rules (Read Before You Post) EmptyThu Jul 19, 2012 5:13 pm

♦You cannot post any kind of game modification that can be abused in-game, unless permission from a Server Manager+. If this rule is broken, the thread will be removed followed by a forums warning.
♦You cannot post official files from the GTA folder, due to copyright. You must provide a link to the authors thread releasing the modification. If this rule is broken, the thread will be quickly removed by a forums moderator.
♦You cannot post a thread linked directly to another SA-MP community. If this rule is broken, the thread will be deleted. If the rule is broken a second time you will receive a forums warning for Community/Server advertising. If the rule is broken for a third, or fourth time. Your account will be suspended. If it's a serious issue, you will be banned for community/server advertising as it's not tolerated.
♦If the modification provided, begins to cause problems in game. The thread will be removed
♦We suggest that you don't post any offensive material. It is not an official rule, but we don't really support offensive material
♦Please, use common sense.

Kevin Frankenberger.
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Modification Rules (Read Before You Post)
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