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 San Andreas Air

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Finnigan O'Neil

Finnigan O'Neil

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PostSubject: San Andreas Air   San Andreas Air EmptyFri Aug 17, 2012 12:31 am

(( IC Information ))

Group Name: San Andreas Air

Name: Conor Oneil

Rank Name:
Rank 1: Trainee
Rank 2: Intern
Rank 3: Co-Pilot
Rank 4: Pilot
Rank 5: Head Pilot
Rank 6: Master Airway Pilot

Group HQ Location: Los Santos International along with the airstrips in the other cities.

Gang Story: The SAA was created to provide faster transportation for commuters across San Andreas. They started with government funding and built the Los Santos International airport.

(( OOC Information ))

Name: Classified

Age: 17

Got a working mic? and TeamSpeak 3?: Yes

What is DM?
Killing people without a roleplay reason
What is MG?
Using IC and OOC info
What is PG?
RPing superpowers
What is RK?
Killing a person that has killed you
What is Chicken Run?
Running back and forth to avoid bullets
What is CR?
Repeatedly ramming someone with a car
What is CP?
Parking on someone
What is AP?
Not rping drawing a gun
What is RP?
Pretending to be a character that you have made.
What is OOC?
Out of Character
What is IC?
In character

Finnigan O'Neil
Conor O'Neil
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James Norman

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San Andreas Air Empty
PostSubject: Re: San Andreas Air   San Andreas Air EmptySun Aug 19, 2012 1:48 pm

Well, this is more like an application for a Faction so, ill talk to our faction moderator about it.

But, its still pretty good.
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San Andreas Air
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