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PostSubject: Application   Application EmptyWed Aug 01, 2012 6:41 pm

((In-Character Information))

First Name: Dan

Last Name: Malin

Gender: Male


Address:None as of yet

Phone Number:46133497

Place of Origin: United Kingdom

Life Biography ((Minimum of 200 words)):
I had a rough childhood. My mom died in childbirth, so my dad always blamed me for the death of the reason he lived. Because of this, he beat me, almost every day. It didn't matter whether or not I had done anything wrong, he just took his sad bitterness out on the person that he said caused it. Times were always hard for me and my dad, so along with going to public school, I took up a couple jobs, but nothing payed the bills like they should. I started getting in with the bad crowd, see if I could get some money to keep the household going, outside of the law.
As soon as I turned 18 I knew that I had to get away from that place that caused me so much misery. Thats the reason I moved to Los santo's. Alone and scared I tried to get some money together in an attempt to buy A nice house that would make my dead mom proud of me. I tried not to turn to dealing weapons to get my cash but there was no other way, I needed the money and I had contacts in Las Ventura's and eventually the pull of the money was just to strong for me to resist. I was a successful dealer and had sold a countless amount of weapons until A cop somehow found out about me and arrested me under a number of charges and after that I felt like a dissapointment to my mom and to myself. Time inside does that to you. I decided to go straight and get a proper job helping the community and trying to make my dead mom proud of me even after I screwed my life up.

Have you ever been convicted of a crime? If so, what was it?:
Unfortunately yes I was caught selling weapons to known criminals and was apprehended by an FBI officer
Have you ever been arrested or sent to prison? If so, how long did you serve for?:
I seved 20 minutes
Have you ever been part of a Crime-Family or Gang? If so, what are the names?:
No I have never been apart of any gang.
Have you ever worked for a Law Enforcement Agency? If so, which one(s)?:
Why do you want to join the San Andreas Sheriff Department?(Minimum of 20 words):
I want to make a difference and stop people making the same mistakes as I did.
how you could be helpful in the San Andreas Sheriff Department:
I've got a keen eye and would love to pay back the community. I would make sure all people wouldnt make the same mistake as me and try to lead honest lives.
Do you currently hold a Valid San Andreas drivers license?:Yes

((Out-Of-Character Information))

First Name: Dan



Country of Origin: United kingdom

Have you ever been Banned from Instant Gaming, If so, Why? No

Have you ever been Warned, If so, Why? Not role-playing as I was new to the concept.

Do you have Teamspeak and a working microphone? Teamspeak No. Microphone Yes.

Screen Shot of stats (/Stats):
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Kevin Frankenberger
Kevin Frankenberger

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PostSubject: Support   Application EmptyThu Aug 02, 2012 9:41 am

Well.. Looking through your application everything seems to be in order, and overall looks alright. I'm going to support this application.
Good luck!

SASPD Chief - #100: K.Frankenberger

Kevin Frankenberger
Community Director
Faction Moderator

Chief of SASPD

Application 1zvc0hz
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Andrew Carney
Andrew Carney

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PostSubject: Re: Application   Application EmptyThu Aug 02, 2012 1:34 pm

This application seems to have lots of hard work put into it, Congratulations Mr. Malin, You have been ACCEPTED into the San Andreas Sheriff Department

- SASD Sheriff A. Carney.

((Answers where suppost to be in Red.))

General Administrator
SASD Sheriff Andrew Carney
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PostSubject: Re: Application   Application Empty

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