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 My Apllication to join LSPD

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My Apllication to join LSPD Empty
PostSubject: My Apllication to join LSPD   My Apllication to join LSPD EmptyFri Jul 27, 2012 3:36 am

First Name:Ron
Middle Name:None
Last Name:Trou
Phone Number:None
Current/past Employment:Mechanic
Biography[150Words+]:my name is Ron i have a Brother who is in a gang and i dont get along with my brother so i wanna join LSPD for stoping gang members like my brother. so i wanna join because i always looked at the police as hero's i wanna dedicate my self to arresting and killing criminals so that the streets are safe from gangs or corrupt cops i grew up in denver colorado with my brother and my parents i came to los santos to fight my brother when i heard he joined a gang so i packed up and moved to los santos. i am good at aiming a gun and good at chaseing cars im not good at driveing much so i suggest to make me 2nd seat i love the color black i am white i have a Irish accent
Why do you think your application is better then anyone else's?: because i went passed 150 words and trust me i took a long time puting alot of thought into it
Have you ever been arrested?: no never
Provide a picture of yourself: 1

OOC Information

Age: 12
Timezone: dont know
Country: usa
Do you have TeamSpeak with a working Microphone?: No and Yes and might get TS
How long have you played Instant Roleplay?[30+]: 1 hour but i have seen my brother play 29 or so hours
Have you ever been banned from Instant Roleplay?, If so why?: no
Law Enforcement Experience: played one on another server

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James Norman

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My Apllication to join LSPD Empty
PostSubject: Re: My Apllication to join LSPD   My Apllication to join LSPD EmptySat Jul 28, 2012 7:11 pm

Hello, This is the Los Santos Police Chief, and i think its only best for you to be ACCEPTED.
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My Apllication to join LSPD
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