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Kevin Frankenberger
Kevin Frankenberger

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PostSubject: Faction Information   Faction Information EmptyThu Jul 19, 2012 4:42 pm

Recently we began to develop a new L.E.O faction, named Los Santos Department of Public Saftey (LSDPS). The faction is now fully developed and ready to be apart of Los Santos. It is currently looking for a Chief. Being Chief of this department doesn't take much patience, hard work, time, effort, and experience to run properly. It's just a very simple faction to lead. It's a great department to start your career in leading factions. A downside of running this department is the member protocol. The department can currently have 8 members at a time. LSDPS mostly patrol around Los Santos enforcing traffic, and don't get involved in any pursuits unless a member is assigned PIU (Pursuit Intersection Unit) which doesn't do much anyways except set up spike strips or vehicle barricades. The department has no authority to be apart of pursuits, house raids, 911 calls, search warrants, undercover work or investigating, they're mostly just traffic enforcers.
If a traffic stop turns into a 10-80 (pursuit), then the Officer has authority of being lead unit until another department like the Los Santos Police Department or San Andreas State Police Department joins the pursuit. At this point the Officer must slowly back out of the pursuit and return to his patrol. If you wish to lead this faction, contact a Server Manager+, Kevin Frankenberger or Russel Johnson (Faction Moderator Team). They will then request a personal message VIA: forums on why you wish to lead the faction.

Our Faction Moderator team is now complete, with the leader as: Kevin Frankenberger and the moderator of: Russel Johnson. If you need to contact someone about faction related topics contact the Faction Moderator Team by VIA: a personal message on the forums. If you wish to report a faction, you can make a public report under the report section of the forums. If you wish to keep the report private, you can use the Faction Report format and personal message the faction moderator team, again VIA: forums.

Kevin Frankenberger.
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Faction Information
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