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Kevin Frankenberger
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PostSubject: Donation Information   Donation Information EmptyFri Jun 01, 2012 10:38 pm

SA-MP: Donation List
[$5.00]: Bronze VIP
[$7.00]: Silver VIP
[$10.00]: Gold VIP
[$17.00]: Platinum VIP ($15.00 on weekends)
[$20.00]: Donator Package #1 Gold VIP, One Business, One House, Two DD's
[$25.00]: Donator Package #2 Gold VIP, Fully Mapped HQ, One House, One Business
[$35.00]: Donator Package #3 Platnum VIP, Mapped HQ, One Business, Family Slot, 1 Million, Private TeamSpeak Channel,
[$2.00]: Custom Car
[$1.00]: Private TeamSpeak Channel
[$3.00]: Custom TeamSpeak Group
[$8.00]: Custom House Exterior
[$6.00]: Custom House Exterior(Pre-Mapped)
[$15.00]: Fully Mapped Gang HQ (Exterior, Interior, DD's, Cars, Gates, ETC.)
[$4.00]: Free House
[$7.00]: Free Business

For every dollar (Canadian), you will receive one V-Point. V-Points can be saved up to... well use them on the V-Store. For example, you can trade 30 V-Points for $600,000.

MineCraft Donations(Coming Soon)
[$5.00]: Coal VIP (3 Stacks of Coal, 6 Iron Blocks, /kit Coalvip)
[$7.00]: Iron VIP (5 Stacks of Iron, 15 Iron Blocks, /kit Ironvip)
[$10.00]: Gold VIP (10 Stacks of Iron, 8 Diamond Blocks, /kit Goldvip)
[$15.00]: Diamond VIP (24 Bedrock, 12 Diamond Blocks, /kit Diamondvip)
[$15.00]: Donator Package #1 (Gold VIP, 3 Diamond Tools Sets, 3 Diamond Armor Sets, 10Iron Blocks)
[$20.00]: Donator Package #2 (Diamond VIP, 5 Diamond Tools Sets, 6 Diamond Armor Sets, 1 Restricted Double Chest, 5Diamond Blocks)
[$26.00]: Donator Package #3 (Diamond VIP, 10 Diamond Tools Sets, 12 Diamond Armor Sets, 2 Restricted Double Chest, 10Diamond Blocks)
[$9.00]: Armour Set (Diamond)
[$8.00]: Tool Set
[$10.00]: Access To The VIP Shop (Without Donating For VIP Rank)
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Donation Information
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