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 My Application

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PostSubject: My Application   My Application EmptyMon Jul 16, 2012 8:40 pm

LSPD Application

First Name: Tyler

Middle Name: Tyga

Last Name: Firez

Phone Number: 69419997

Age: 24

Address: House 61

Current/past Employment: Former FBI Agent
Biography[150Words+]: I want to join the LSPD because I want to protect and
server the people of the city. I love to help and the people need as many On-Duty officers as possible in case of a terrorism crisis or something along the lines of a major epidemic. The government needs people like me to protect the city and make sure it is safe for all. Especially women and children. I love the feeling that I have helped someone and the feeling that I know they are grateful for it. That's basically I would love to join the LSPD and protect and server everybody that should need help.

Why do you think your application is better then anyone else's?: I am one of the most trustworthy people you will ever meet and I am a great asset to have on your team. I love to help people and they will all generally love me because of my moral and compassion of my job with the LSPD. I can get along with almost anybody and can also patrol alone or with a partner or two. I'm very good with a gun and know how to shoot at very far range. I'm as straight as a man can be. I don't drink, smoke, or do and type of illegal substances. These are the major reason why I should be picked out of any applicant that should apply to be with the LSPD.
Have you ever been arrested?: No

Provide a picture of yourself:
My Application Galler11
OOC Information

Age: 14

Timezone: Eastern

Country: USA

Do you have TeamSpeak with a working Microphone?: Yes

How long have you played Instant Roleplay?[30+]: 42 Hours

Have you ever been banned from Instant Roleplay?, If so why?: Nope

Law Enforcement Experience: Former FBI Senior Agent
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Kevin Frankenberger
Kevin Frankenberger

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PostSubject: Feedback   My Application EmptyMon Jul 16, 2012 8:43 pm

I fully support this application
#100 Chief: K.Frankenberger
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PostSubject: Re: My Application   My Application EmptyMon Jul 16, 2012 8:46 pm

Hello, Mister. Firez.

Dear Applicant
I have read through your application and quite frankly, I am impressed by the amount of effort you have provided into your application. As the LSPD Chief I would like to inform you that your application has been ACCEPTED!!!!

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PostSubject: Re: My Application   My Application Empty

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My Application
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