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 What Needs to be done. -.-

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PostSubject: What Needs to be done. -.-   Fri Jul 13, 2012 4:12 pm

IDGAF about the Format, Here is what needs to be done:

Pot And Crack Scripted in, Along with Drug dealer job

A VIP Place

More Shit inside /stats Like remove Weapon skill and Tracking Skill, Add which licenses you have,

add /getlicenses inside City Hall


/accept death


/revive, for General admin+

Need more Jobs, Trucking/Taxi/Drug Dealer/Drug Smuggler.

/service for Mechanics and taxi drivers and EMS

Pre-Admin Renamed to Moderator

In every faction once you do /help and goto groups it shows LSPD instead of the Faction Abreviation

A Level System, Such as /buylevel

Make it so you can Have more than one car, and use /trackcar

Need another Materials point in Willowfield for /getmats

You need to raise the amount of materials given to you each run to 250 Materials

Need /car engine/trunk/hood/lights/fuel for cars, also need /park for car's

Need /trackcar And Make it so you can have more than one car, Fit's in with VIP Status.

Also make it so when you're car blows up, you don't lose the Car Modifications, waste of money.

Also, On the forums Make it so Only the members of Like LSPD/FBI/CIA can see the forum stuff about the Faction, if that makes any sence.

More to be added soon, i'm looking.

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PostSubject: Re: What Needs to be done. -.-   Fri Jul 13, 2012 5:14 pm

Add it NAO
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PostSubject: Re: What Needs to be done. -.-   Sat Jul 14, 2012 2:15 am

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Kevin Frankenberger
Kevin Frankenberger

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PostSubject: Re: What Needs to be done. -.-   Sun Jul 15, 2012 4:29 am

Pot + Crack System - Suggestion: Accepted

VIP "Place" Suggestion: Scripted

'/stats' Update: Suggestion: Declined
As things are scripted, /stats WILL be updated.

Death + Hospital System - Suggestion: Accepted

More Jobs - Suggestion: Pending
New jobs, will be added in a future update (The update will not by any time soon)

Pre-Administrator Rename - Suggestion: Denied
The server does not have a moderator system

"In every faction once you do /help and goto groups it shows LSPD instead of the Faction Abbreviation" - Suggestion: Denied
The factions were named like this, to create more space in the department chat. It will NOT be fixed any time soon

Leveling System - Suggestion: Scripted

New Vehicle System - Suggestion: Pending
A new vehicle system will be in a future update (Hopefully very soon)

Second Material Pickup - Suggestion: Denied
Maybe in the future there will be a more Material Pickup(s).

Material Run Alter - Suggestion: Denied
The reason of the low material amount is to add more RP to the server. For example, you would hire people into your gang as a material runner. It's also to prevent people running around the map with M4A1's and such. ($1,000 = 100 Materials -> $10.00 = 1 Material)

Vehicle System - Suggestion: Denied

Vehicle 'Bug' - Suggestion: Accepted
Once a '/park' command is added into the server, the problem will be fixed.

Forums Suggestion - Suggestion: Denied
[i]There is already a system in place. Inside each faction forum, there is another forum with the faction name
-Los Santos Police Department-
Los Santos Police Department (Only Member Can See, Enter, Read, And Post inside this forum)
Recruitment System (All)
Training Bureau (All)
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PostSubject: Re: What Needs to be done. -.-   

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What Needs to be done. -.-
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