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 FBI Handbook 1.3

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Table of Contents
FBI Rank Structures
FBI Divisions
FBI General Policies
Offences & Consequences

(( Commands ))


FBI Rank Structures

Trainee (R1)
Agent (R2)
Senior Agent (R3)
Special Agent (R4)
Assistant Director (R5)
Director (R6)


This is the first rank achieved upon employment. The Trainee is the most meaningful rank during your FBI career as it both introduces you to the systems and procedures as well as trains you on the field. As an Intern, you participate in division activity and accomplish general duties of an FBI member. Since Agent is the starting rank of FBI - there won't be anything before this which means that the requirements of recruits will be VERY high. If you succeed in entering the FBI, you will be thrown into the action as an Intern where your skills will be tested to the limits. Agents will always do as they are told by their supervisors. They are not allowed to accomplish any major division projects without permission from their division leader.

- You are prohibited to use blockades and spikes
- You are allowed to work in a division
- You are restricted to the PREMIER and FBI RANCHER vehicles in the garage
- You are not allowed to use the department radio without permission
- You must always listen to your supervisors
- You must produce casefiles or do operations

Agent is the rank that proves skills and qualities. Special Agents have shown themselves as an important asset to the bureau during their time as an intern and they are highly valued members of their division and expected to be professional with common FBI procedures. The Agent works under his division and is given certain missions and permissions from above. Agents stand for the most practically requiring work in the FBI.

- You are allowed to use the department radio with a valid reason.
- You are restricted to the PREMIER and FBI RANCHER vehicles in the garage unless granted special permission
- You work more freely than the intern
- You must always listen to your supervisors
- You may issue orders
- You must produce casefiles or do operations

Senior Agents will represent the core of trusted agents within their division. It is the highest rank you can obtain without being obliged to supervising. The Senior Agents have reached their rank due to hard work.

- You are allowed to use the department radio with a valid reason.
- You have access to any FBI vehicle
- You are expected to show a professional attitude at all time
- You may issue orders
- You must produce casefiles or do operations

The main duty of Special Agents is to serve as the most trustable and practically elite agents within their division. The Special Agents have reached their rank due to hard good leadership abilities and exceptional pervious work. They are most commonly in charge during raids and operations and are required to maintain a professional tactical level on the field by issuing commands and orders to organize activity and make the FBI more effective.

- You are allowed to use the department radio.
- You have access to any FBI vehicle
- You are expected to be trustable in the most dary missions
- You may issue orders
- You may be in charge of operations
- You are allowed to recommend other Agents for promotion
- You may obtain the "Assistant Division Leader" rank.

There can only be ONE Assistant Director. The Assistant Director works side by side with the Director to further develop and expand the bureau. He's expected a lot of benchwork. The Assistant Director works with relations to other factions. The Assistant Director has equal power to the Director.

- You are allowed to use the department radio.
- You have access to any FBI vehicle
- You are required to supervise and maintain activity
- You are allowed to recommend other Agents for promotion
- You may obtain the "Division Leader" rank.
- You are required to take part in recruitment
- You are able to suspend and demote Agents but not hire.


Some call him the most powerful man in the world and some wishes his head on a pole. The FBI Director controls the bureau with his assistants and creates procedures, systems and regulations for the Agents.



FBI Divisions



The Firearms & Narcotics division or FAN consist of the main crime fighting section of the FBI. FAN mainly uses undercover units and technical methods to optimally fight the street criminality of San Andreas at any level.
FAN will always cooperate with Gang Unit to get the most out of our agents and to effectively succeed in operations and investigations. FAN will deploy undercover, stealth Agents to monitor and try to catch any sort of criminality such as arms trafficking and unlawful violent acts. They carry out any of Illegal Firearms/Narcotic possessed criminals or arrests that are needed from casefiles derived from themselves. The requirements of our agents within the FAN are many but we like to express them in three strong words: professionalism, dedication and effectivity. The undercover part of the FAN is highly secret and consists of spread out agents, working with different cases and filing daily casefiles.

The most ordinary duties of Firearms & Narcotics division are as follows :

- Countering Illegal trafficking Ex: Trading of illegal firearms and substances
- Sting Operations Ex: Playing a role as a criminal partner in order to catch a person committing a crime. Most commonly trafficking.
- Casefile management Ex: Opening casefiles on individual criminals and processing casefile suspects.
- Apprehending dangerous and wanted criminal suspects Ex: Most wanted suspect, suspects wanted for severe crimes



Gang Unit is a division that specializes on the organized criminality of Los Santos. Agents of GU will focus on different gangs throughout the city and fill out casefiles on key members of the criminal organisations and gangs. The Gang Unit are completely undercover when carrying out their duties in order to get closer to the gangs and gain vital information. When the Gang Unit has recorded a specific amount of evidence that shows criminal activity from a certain gang - they may plan an extensive raid/operation to the targeted gang in attempt to eliminate their criminal activity through, for example, a raid or a lockdown. During a raid, attempts will be made to arrest members and confiscate potential illegal goods. The Gang Unit is considered the most elite undercover section of the bureau where our most professional undercover agents take part. We value security for our agents very high which is the reason why this division needs to be run by the right people. Details on infiltration methods & identities of the Gang Unit will not be leaked in public documents like this so don't expect any information of this until you successfully gain access to the bureau and its database through membership.

The duties of Gang Unit are:

- Gain information of the gangs of Los Santos Ex: Scout gang areas and talk with citizens
- Investigate any criminal gang Ex: Gain access to gang places through undercover work as well as catch evidence of gang criminality
- Interrogate carefully selected gang members Ex: Stalk a gang member for a time and eventually bring him in for interrogation
- Initiate major operations and raids Ex: After a number of casefiles have been filled - a raid will most likely be aimed at a gang area or building where criminal activity has been spotted



IA is responsible for investigating law enforcement and other government personnel. IA makes use of a watchlist and files casefiles when needed. IA is involved in several civil services and helps weed out corruption in all aspects of the nation. IA can work with the LSPD & the Government to help keep government personnel in check and out of a corrupt way of life. Agents may not apply for Internal Affairs during the application process. Instead, IA agents are picked through years of dedication and a clean record within the Bureau. IA aims at severe corruption that is considered dangerous. The IA has authority to terminate personnel with sufficient evidence and the approval the of FBI Director & the Mayor. IA investigations are long and never based on minor corrupt acts.

The duties of Internal Affairs are:

- Observe & listen Ex: Overviewing all government personnel and listening to employees to gain general information.
- Investigate corruption Ex: Write up names in the IA watchlist and file casefiles in order to investigate
- Conduct undercover operations Ex: Go undercover and attract possible corrupt staff.
- Weed out corruption Ex: Speaks for itself

These three divisions are the main divisions within the FBI and they all share duties. Agents will choose one of the two "big" divisions (FAN/GU) upon employment but may however choose to switch divisions later on. Take note that being in one division does not mean you ONLY stick to the work of your division but also stick to general duties of an FBI agent. Based on your rank in the FBI you will be given specific duties and responsibilities in your division by the Division Commander.


(You do not ask to join the Critical Incident Division)

CID is a small team of elite trained, handpicked agents with the one important mission - to be available. CID members are obliged to wear a visible FBI badge and must always wear a jacket with the FBI logo on it. A position within CID is earned through many hours of hard work and an excellent record within the FBI. The division acts as a public section of the FBI and is responsible for the reputation of the Bureau. The division prioritizes the use of quick and effective threat elimination such as helicopters and the dispatch of sniper units.
CID never intrudes on other division's duties and is not allowed to produce casefiles or perform undercover work due to the requirement to always be available. The CID members are required to be perfectly able to judge a threat in a correct way and eliminate it by proper methods. Since the division focuses mostly on severe criminality and situations, the team will almost always shoot to kill (effective threat elimination).

The duties of Critical Incident Division are:

- Be available at all time Ex: Quickly responding to incidents, situations and backup calls.
- Represent the FBI publicity Ex: Being present at high populated areas and communicate with civilians.
- Conduct combat training sessions Ex: Organize a Bureau-wide training focusing on improving the general teamwork of the Bureau.
- Quickly eliminate or disarm national threats Ex: Classified methods.


Policies of the FBI

1.0.1: General Behavior
Federal agents are to stay professional at all time and accomplish his/her duties while on duty.
Failure to follow will result in [WARNING]

1.0.2: Identification
FBI Staff should always identify themselves when required to, during backup calls and arrests.
Failure to follow will result in [WARNING]

1.0.3: Abuse
Abuse of any powers is strictly forbidden within the bureau.
Failure to follow will result in [SUSPENSION]

1.0.4: Corruption
Corruption of any kind is strictly forbidden within the bureau.
Failure to follow will result in [SUSPENSION]

1.0.5: Rank permissions
Every agent of the bureau should read, understand and follow their rank duties, permissions and responsibilities stated in the first section of the hand book.
Failure to follow will result in [SUSPENSION]

1.0.6: Bureau Divisions
Every member of the bureau is required to work under a division and follow orders from their Division Chief.
Failure to follow will result in [SUSPENSION]

(( 1.0.7: Server rules ))
Every agent is reuired to stick to the server rules at all times.
Failure to follow will result in [PERMANENT SUSPENSION]

1.0.8: Supervisors
It is a general requirement within the bureau to ALWAYS listen to your supervisor and take orders.
Failure to follow will result in [SUSPENSION]

1.0.9: Undercover
Agents with undercover duties and permission are required to work at a professional level and never blow their cover.
Failure to follow will result in [SUSPENSION]

1.1.0: Backup response
If any member of the bureau needs urgent backup - immediate response is required.
Failure to follow will result in [WARNING]

1.1.1: Recommendations
Agents are not allowed to recommend an applicant of the FBI without stating an acceptable and good reason.
Failure to follow will result in [WARNING]

1.1.2: Illegal substances
Agents may NOT possess illegal substances unless they use them for evidence for a narcotics-casefile and can prove it.
Failure to follow will result in [SUSPENSION]

1.1.3: Impersonation
Impersonating higher rank or other employees (includes other factions) is strictly prohibited.
Failure to follow will result in [WARNING]

1.1.4: Radio Communication
Members of the FBI are required to keep their radio with them and always be available. (( Be on TS and don't go AFK in radio channel ))
Failure to follow will result in [WARNING]

1.1.5: Force Continuum
Agents are required to follow the >Force Continuum<.
Failure to follow will result in [SUSPENSION]


Offences & Consequences

These offences result in a fine or a arrest - depending on the the situation. FBI is not supposed to focus on light offences due to the existence of Police, however, FBI may take suspects into custody or fine them for light offences if the offence was aimed at the FBI agent or if the FBI agent witnessed the scene without any police present.

- Light Offence jail time: 5+

Illegal Parking
Taking an Illegal Shortcut
Reckless Driving
Usage of Illegal Car Modifications
FCC Violation
Misuse of 911
Verbal Assault
Failing to Comply

These are offences that always result in an arrest procedure. Medium Offences are the main offences that FBI focus on and fight.

- Medium Offence jail time: 10+

Evading Arrest
Vehicular Assault
Vehicular Homicide
Grand Theft Auto
Driving under the Influence

Unlawful Discharge of a Firearm
Possession of Illegal Firearm(s)
Possession of Illegal Narcotics

Second Degree Murder
Attempted Murder

Resisting Arrest
Obstruction of Justice
Aiding and Abetting


Offences that count as severe felonies and have the highest priority within the FBI. The suspects of Heavy Offences are to be escorted under high security circumstances.

- Heavy Offence jail time: 20+

First Degree Murder
First/Second Degree Murder of a LEO/Agent
Kidnap of a LEO/Agent
Felony Evasion
Hostage Taking
Bank Robbery
Heavy Bribery

If you are unsure of the offence's meaning, we recommend you to use our database where descriptions are documented.
(( Google is your friend. Every single offence can be found on wikipedia ))


(( Commands ))

/fbi - Opens the locker and brings up the locker menu. Can only be executed infront of the lockers in FBI HQ.
/tazer - Pulls out the tazer in order to tazer a suspect.
/cuff - Cuffs the target. [/cuff "NAME"]
/uncuff - Uncuffs the target. [/uncuff "NAME"]
/r(adio) - The radio chat, meant to be ICly but might be used OOCly in some occasions.
/d(epartment) - Department radio chat.
/m(egaphone) - Uses the megaphone to shout loudly from an FBI vehicle. Used to pull over suspects. [/m "TEXT"]
/detain - Detains the target to the last car you were DRIVING. [/detain "NAME" 2/3]
/frisk - Frisks the target/suspect for illegal items. [/frisk "NAME"]
/su - Charges a suspect. You need to know the suspects full name and RPly charge him via the MDC. Read previous handbook chapter "Offences & Consequences". [/su "NAME"]
/arrest - Arrests the charged suspect at the arrest point. Read previous handbook chapter "Offences & Consequences". [/arrest "BAIL"].
/showbadge - Shows your FBI badge to the target. [/showbadge "NAME"]
/badge - Equips you with your badge so that your name goes blue. This is required only when responding to backup calls.
/gate - Opens the gate to the garage at the FBI building.
/quitgroup - Terminates you from the faction.
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FBI Handbook 1.3
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