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 Calvin Dean Floyd - SASPD Application

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Calvin Floyd


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PostSubject: Calvin Dean Floyd - SASPD Application   Wed Jul 11, 2012 2:22 am


First name: Calvin
Middle name: Dean
Last name: Floyd
Age: 18
Phone number: 40310348
Address: 117 Willowfield
Current Occupation: Un-Employed
Do you have any past L.E.O experience? ((In Real Life, I'm a military police officer. I also volunteer at my Police Department)) Yes, I have an education for Police Academy
Why do you wish to join the State Police Department (30 word minimum)? I wish to join the San Andreas State Police Department because the job comes with a lot of reproducibility, patients, and courage. I would really like to join the department because I love a job that comes with variety. I would be very loyal to the department, by listening to higher command, follow my duties, due my best patrolling the streets of Los Santos.
What skills can you provide for the State Police Department (30 word minimum)? I'm a very loyal, and dedicated person. I can provide skills of great driving, I'm a very good shot, I'm educated in Standard Police Duties, as I graduated San Fierro Police Academy. I'm also very interested in the department, and up to learn all the things that I need to learn
You find a man brandishing firearms at the Idlewood Gas-Station. What do you do, How do you react? I would call it in over the radio before I decide to do anything. I would wait for backup to arrive if possible. I would later confront the man while taking cover behind my cruiser. I would demand the suspect to drop his firearm, if he looked like a threat. If he didn't look like a threat I would slowly, and carefully confront the man and ask him if he had a firearms license.
A good looking women is trespassing on State Police Department property. What do you do? I would nicely ask her to leave leave the property. If she did not comply, I would call a single backup unit, and lightly guide her off of the property.
A man that is clearly intoxicated is causing a problem at the local club. What do you do? I would confront the man, and attempt to talk him off of the property. If he didn't comply, I would place him in the drunk tank for the night
A man you're currently arresting for possession of illegal firearms. The man offers you $150,000 to let him go. What do you do? I would take the $150,000 depending on the situation ((If it was for reckless driving, I would NOT take it)). For example; If the man was being arrested for drug trafficking, I would take the money and give it to the department. Then add a charge of bribery.
Biography (150 word minimum):
My name is Calvin Dean Floyd. I'm a 18 year old man, that recently moved to Los Santos. I was born in San Fierro, but raised in Red County. My father was a sergeant for the San Fierro police department, but recently retired due to a shoot-out. My mother left when I was just a child, of the age of 4. When I turned 16 I moved back to San Fierro to live with my father. My father convinced me to take classes in the San Fierro police academy. When I turned 17 my father wanted me to move here, to Los Santos and start a career in the police department. He gave me a train ticket, and a check of $10,000. I began to settle down, bought myself a vehicle including a temporary apartment.

Name: Markus Floyd
Origin: Alberta, Canada
Timezone: -6 GMT
Playtime Hours: 0 ((I'm staying at the server))
Do you have a working microphone? No
Can you speak English fluently? Yes
Have you ever applied for SASPD or LSPD in the past? N/A
Link to any past SASPD or LSPD applications: N/A
List all previous factions/families that you've been in, include what rank: N/A
Do you have any alternate accounts (State weather they're active or not): N/A
Provide a screen-shot of your stats (('/stats')): Default Stats
((Provide Role-Play for the following situations))

You're currently pulling a man over for reckless driving. What do you do? How do you react? I would call a 10-26 with the description of the vehicle, the location, occupants, ETC. I would step outside my vehicle, and slowly walk towards the suspects vehicle. Once I got to the window, I would be nice, polite, and patient with the suspect. I would first tell him why he's been pulled over, followed by a request of their license and registration. I would go back to my cruiser and search the information on the MDC. I would issue the man a ticket (If Needed), give him the information back.

You're currently being pulled over for reckless driving. What do you do? How do you react?
I would follow all instruction given by the officer. I would be very, polite and patient with the officer. If the officer were to issue my a ticket, I would keep my cool and accept the fact that I've broken the law.

You find a man curled up on the side of the road. You discover that the man is not moving. What do you do? How do you react?
I would attempt to wake the man. If the man didn't respond I would phone 911 with a brief description on the situation. I would relax, and stay calm as I tried to get a response from the man. If the man continued to not respond, I would check for a pulse. With a pulse or not I would remain calm and wait patiently for the police, including an ambulance to respond to the situation.

You're currently at the Idlewood 24-7. A man rushes inside the store with a mask over his face and a colt 45. in his right hand. The man begins to yell "Everyone on the ground". What do you do? How do react?
I'm not completely sure what my character would do. It would depend on the situation.
I guess I would have to follow commands from the man, while making sure that everyone is safe. If possible I would contact the police department with a brief description, with a location of the situation.

You're currently at one of the city's fancy restaurants. A man sexually harasses your girlfriend. What do you do? How do you react?
I would physically push the man away, and tell him what he's doing is completely wrong. Depending on the situation, I would either contact the police department, or the man would have picked the wrong girl to harass and he would wish that he had never sexually harassed my girlfriend.
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Kevin Frankenberger
Kevin Frankenberger

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PostSubject: Accepted   Wed Jul 11, 2012 3:00 am

Calvin Floyd,
I'm happy to inform you that your application has been accepted.
You're now a student of the State Police Department and will receive training.
As for now, I suggest that you look over the handbooks and department policies.
You will receive a phone call stating when you must preform a short, yet simple interview.
Good luck!

#100 - Chief K. Frankenberger
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Calvin Dean Floyd - SASPD Application
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