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 Easier roleplaying/Actions

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Easier roleplaying/Actions Empty
PostSubject: Easier roleplaying/Actions   Easier roleplaying/Actions EmptyTue Sep 11, 2012 4:21 pm

Well this Suggestion is mostly for convienience for LEO factions like LSPD and FBI.

When somebody pulls out a weapon like a Tazer or Deagle could the game say for example ** Dan_Malin pulls out his Deagle and turns safety off.

Could this be done for all/most weapons to make it easier for RP'ing situations and to make them flow better.

Another Idea is key binds or shorter phrases for LEO factions. These phrases should be stuff like
** Dan_Malin shouts: Stop the car and turn off your engine.

This could be shortened to any un-used key on your keyboard or a command.

Again this could make RP'ing a hell of a lot easier and make car chases flow better instead of having to type and lose your suspect.
I dont know how this came across or how much it made sense. Or even If its possible in the script of SA:MP but whatever Razz.
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Easier roleplaying/Actions
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