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Kevin Frankenberger
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PostSubject: Information & Announcements   Information & Announcements EmptyTue Jul 03, 2012 6:38 pm


Administrator Promotions & Demotions:
Ryan Mason Johnson: Elite Administrator -> Retired Administrator
Max Tyrpych: Junior Administrator -> General Administrator
Tyler Firez: Junior Administrator -> General Administrator
Andrew Carney: Junior Administrator -> General Administrator
Crystal Carney: Head Administrator -> General Administrator
Dillon Mack: Junior Administrator -> Chief Advisor
Russel Johnson: Head Administrator -> Server Manager
Ryan McDuff: Server Manager -> Retired Administrator
Dean Floyd: Junior Administrator -> Banned
Andrew Carney: Senior Administrator -> Junior Admin
Crystal Carney: Senior Administrator -> Head Administrator
Ryan McDuff: Head Administrator -> Server Manager
Tyler Firez: Helper -> Junior Administrator
Max_Tyrpych: Helper -> Junior Administrator


1.2.0 - Coming Soon!
Added: Level System (/buylevel)
Added: Non Emergency Server (/call 411)
Added: Faction Lockers
Added: VIP Vehicle Dealership
Added: Faction Gate System
Added: Custom Mapping Around Los Santos
Added: Roadblock System
Added: Seatbelt System
Added: Government Faction Badge System (/badge)
Altered: Vehicle Dealerships
Altered: Pay-check System
Pending: Fire Department System
And Much More!
Added: VIP System
Added: Community Chat
Added: Badge System
Altered: Vehicle System

04/07/2012 - 4:30PM: Community Directors, Kevin Frankenberger and James Norman will discuss promotions in a private meeting. We're going to hand out two promotions, so be on your best behaviour. After the meeting we're going to strictly enforce administrator rules, if the administrator rules are broken we will not hesitate handing out strikes. Let this be a warning for those who have been slacking off lately.

04/07/2012 - 6:30PM: Community Vote On New Administrator - Information: The vote will be held through a IG event. The player that receives the most votes will become our new Junior Administrator. The contestants in this vote are:
Jake Ramsay: Information: Inactive, with only 1 hour of playtime. Jake Ramsay is UK timezone.
Anthony J Casso: Information: Active, with 13 hours of playtime. Anthony J Casso is currently our Chief Advisor

02/08/2012 - 11:30PM: Server Manager Ryan McDuff has retired from our community to continue his adminisrative career elsewhere. Administrator Ryan McDuff may return to the community in the future. You may congratulate him on his transfer with a personal message in game. Ryan McDuff claims he will continue to play on the community just without a administrator rank. Ryan McDuff has handed his rank to Administrator to Russel Johnson. McDuff, good luck on your administrator career!


Note: The list below informs you about faction leadership, weather the faction is in need of a leader, or the current status of the faction ((Open/Closed)). The list also informs you of Los Santos authority, as it's in the correct order.
San Andreas Government: Daniel H Borne
Central Intelligence Agency: Classified
San Andreas State Police Department: Kevin Frankenberger
Los Santos Government: VACANT
Federal Bureau of Investigation: William Barber
San Andreas Sheriff Department: Andrew Carney
Los Santos Police Department: James Norman
National Guard: VACANT
Los Santos Fire and Medic Department: Closed

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Information & Announcements
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