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 Join White Kid Mafia Today! [IC Group Ad]

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PostSubject: Join White Kid Mafia Today! [IC Group Ad]   Thu Jul 26, 2012 11:17 am

*You Find A Green Bandana With Blood on it, You look inside and find a letter, the letter reads*

Hello, if you are reading this i am no longer alive, my name is Link and i have been in the White Kid Mafia For About 5 Years now, i'm leaving this note attached to my bandana for anyone else who may come across it, if you are interested in joining White Kid Mafia Please do we need the members, i'm leaving a envelope attached to the Letter, the envelope contains where our main hangout points are keep them to good use.

*You Skip Through all the boring Dialogue and open the envelope and find Some pictures of the Main White Kid Mafia Hangouts*

Picture 1:
Los Santos - Temple Cemetary
Picture 2:
Los Santos - Ganton Gym
Picture 3:
Los Santos - Verona Beach
*The last picture is Ripped and burnt it shows barely and letters*
Picture 4:
S F r - N r i n B d e

Smoke Weed Everyday!
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Join White Kid Mafia Today! [IC Group Ad]
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